100″ Projections onto the Wall – iTunes + ShowWX

Last night, I borrowed a high end SLR camera, took the mirror off the wall, and projected brilliant 100″ movies from my iPhone.  A 100 inch diagonal happens to be the perfect size for this wall and is the maximum projection size recommended for the ShowWX projector. Recently, I’ve been asking the ShowWX to perform beyond its recommended limits.  Watch this HD example, though, if you want to see the projector perform in its intended environment.  The colors are vibrant, image is bright, and I am more than happy with the results!

about my camera setup:  Recorded with a Canon 5DmarkII SLR camera and 20mm F2.8 lens.  Unlike most other video recorders, I am able to use this setup with the lens wide open to record a brighter image which is closer to the real thing.  During recording, the camera leaves the aperture alone and automatically changes the ISO setting to compensate for changes in lighting.  Any vignetting you see (aka spotlight effect) is an artifact of the camera lens and is not present in the projected images.  The scanning lines and graininess are also artifacts.  Occassionally, you will hear a “clicking” noise during the video as I attempt to focus the image in the dark.


~ by soundkite on June 1, 2010.

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